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The average working hours of marketing department per day is more than 9 hours! AdVisor will do that in 5 minutes.

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Rightness will lead right profit!

AdIntelligence is following to change rather than staying, and sense of
fulfillment rather than profits. We provide AdVisor, an online advertisement analysis and automated operation solution.

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From an assistant to an operator, AdVisor
It has opened the era of Robot Marketing

special feature 01.

Smart AdVisor

special feature 02.


special feature 03.

Fast, accurate AdVisor

When marketing department
work for it, it will take
more than


AdVisor can finish it in 5 M

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It is a secret weapon of
AdIntelligence leading to the success

AdIntelligence has more than 100 clients.

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AdIntelligence has more than 100 clients.

Reason why the numerous clients have recognized Proven Performance of AdVisor


Incomparable performance
to our competitors

This is the performance comparison in Facebook advertisement between our competitor and AdVisor.
AdVisor shows predominantly excellent performance in all parts.

  • 2.6Times

    Higher Performance

    < ROAS_Average of 7 days after click >

  • 1.7Times

    Higher Click-through rate

    < Click-through Rate >

  • 1.2Times

    Lower CPC

    < Cost Per Click >


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Monthly expenditure advertisement amount Your monthly advertisement amount

Average Daily PV (Page View) The average number of times a user viewed a webpage on your site per day

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